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    In a conversation about Head Teachers' pay, LBC received two remarkable calls about the troubles that teachers have in controlling...
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    Louis Barfe, who wrote an unofficial autobiography, which discusses the comedian's personal life, was on LBC 97.3 discussing his book...
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    A superb set of calls from James O'Brien's Mystery Hour, where who callers battle over who has the right answer to the question of why we...
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    One of James O'Brien's top moments of the week - this funny call from John in Croydon discussing speeding fines.
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    After Fred Goodwin was stripped of his knighthood, LBC 97.3's Declan Harvey phones some of London's top restaurants to see whether being...
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    James O'Brien speaks to a woman who believes that she can - and the conversation was fascinating!
    • RThomasFrench I never said "The only difference between live and friend ship is sex". of course that's groundless. Love AND attraction are choices. period. To make them some genetic event is simply Alice in Wonderland. Reality is harsh. no matter who or why someone what's to believe otherwise. sex, love and attraction are all choices we make. Homosexual people choose to have sex, love and have affection for the same sex. The preposterous idea that they could NEVER make the conventional choice to love, have sex with, and place their affections on a person of the same sex is naive.
    • rabbitwho @RThomasFrench Sorry I didn't see your comment until now. I find your theory, that the only difference between love and friendship is sex, to be completely groundless. Likewise this idea that you have that sexuality unites people and allows them to have one voice and share one opinion. You can not say that gay people as a group are for or against divorce or marriage or anything like that, the only thing they have in common is that they are gay. You don't seem to understand what gay means so I will explain it: It means loving someone who is the same gender as you. It means being sexually attracted to someone the same gender as you. It doesn't mean anything else. It has nothing to do with the other things you talked about.
    • RThomasFrench Hello rabbitwho, I do hope this site isn't going to deteriorate into the same juvenile attack banter that other sites do, like Twitter. I much prefer to keep a spirit of respect and intelligent discourse. Although I do so appreciate your pop logic. Sort of like Meatloaf sells lots of records so it must be good music.... I too have had close male friends for 40 years, does that mean we're homosexual? I am happy to support your uncles God given right to have that relationship and I am glad he has managed to have found happiness in it. More than can be said for many of your uncles detractors. Isn't it funny that the same group that will support the right to have multiple partners, and no fault divorce, is the same group that will use the argument that the length of their relationship is virtuous proof that homosexuality is genetic. Try to connect those dots in anthropology, sociology or biology class. Sad & failed logic I'd say. Your argument is very weak. Almost as weak as O'Briens. Can we get someone who can address the ethos & morays question? No one is refuting the God given right of people to engage in homosexual behavior by choice. I am so sorry that nature is so ruthless and self promoting that homosexuality would breed itself out of existence‚Ķrather quickly. It's the silly notion that the extremely small homosexual community would try to redefine science, Love, marriage and family for the rest of the population of the world. Just because they want to believe that the sun rises in the west won't make the rest of us, who know otherwise, believe it. Reality is such an unforgiving bugger. Sorry, that particular emperor has no clothes.
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    David Lammy MP told LBC 97.3's Iain Dale that the difficulties over disciplining children caused by the smacking ban helped lead to the...
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    LBC finds out what it is really like to travel around the capital on public transport if you have a disability.
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    for this first week, there could only be one winner. Mike lost touch with his father at a very young age. He wanted to get back hin touch...
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