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    Met Police say they're increasingly worried about a 12 year-old girl who's been missing since Friday. Tia Sharp was last seen leaving...
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    Ahead of the 100m final at the Olympics, listen to the full interview where LBC 97.3 presenter James Max met the fastest man on the...
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    The mother of Mark Duggan has told LBC 97.3 the police acted like a gang the evening he was shot. Saturday marks a year to the day...
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    Tom Daley has received abuse from a twitter user after coming fourth in the Men's Synchronised Diving event at the Olympics. Police in...
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    Listen to the highlights of the last seven years, from the moment London was awarded the Games and all the planning that has gone into it...
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    • stjbob Great extract of a fabulous day, well done. Some really great Vox Pops thanks for sharing.
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    Young people aged 18 - 29 are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis. Duncan Barkes talks to Youth Fight for Justice about how...
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    • PertyMerty From my own personal experience nowadays, if you are young and want to get job it is much harder. However, older people aged 45+ have much worse situation on labour market these days than us younger ones.
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    The family of Ian Tomlinson who died during the G20 protests has told LBC 97.3 they won't give up the case despite an officer being...
    • bloodyaidders Charles de-Menzes – Ian Tomlinson – Pathologist Dr Shorrock – more controversy! It’s being claimed there have been several cover-ups involving the police, the University Hospital of North Staffordshire [UHNS] and the two pathologists Dr Kolar for the prosecution, and Dr Shorrock [seen above] for the defence who carried out the post-mortem on the body of murdered Glenn Hollinshead back in May 2008. Dr Shorrock concluded a ‘second weapon’ was used to kill Glenn, following the strange case of Sabina Eriksson, the other half of her twin sister Ursula, who in a joint enterprise and suicidal attempt on the M6 motorway on the 17th May 2008, ran out into the oncoming traffic with Ursula being ploughed down by a 40 ton lorry, alongside Sabina being knocked into the air like a rag doll as she dived into the path of a hurtling Silver VW Polo. Dr Shorrock states: “...I cannot completely exclude the ‘possibility’ that ‘there was more than one [weapon].’ On page 8, paragraph D, he further states: “...The wounds are all consistent with having been caused by a knife. The ‘only one’ whose dimensions are likely to accurately correspond to those of the causative weapon is (No2).” ‘...the only one’ being wound No 2, is the wound to the heart. This evidence wasn’t discovered until recently in August 2012, it was never produced or heard in court and until now. After 16 months of maintaining her innocence for murder, Sabina then pleaded guilty to ‘manslaughter’, due to ‘diminished responsibility’ and received 5 years in prison. She was released after two years and then returned to Norway in early 2011. Despite the twins crazed actions, and that they were first arrested under Section 136 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, this evidence was then edited out of the BBC Madness in the Fast Lane documentary in 2010, so was also never known about by the millions or people who have watched this film. More importantly, the Hollinshead family never knew of this evidence, and as a direct result are now taking legal action against the police and UHNS. Sabina was released from hospital only after 5hrs following this incident. It’s then alleged Sabina went on to meet Mr Hollinshead after a chance encounter in the street, and that she ended going back to his house and where it’s claimed she then stabbed and killed him. Dr Kolar and Dr Kenneth Shorrock come from the ‘same stable’, so to speak; they come from the same office. Dr Shorrock is the same pathologist who incorrectly recorded in his report in July 2005 that Jean Charles de Menezes jumped over a barrier before “stumbling” down an escalator in the moments before police officers shot him. It was then proved this never happened. Shorrock said he was not sure who told him de Menezes had “vaulted” the barrier before he was shot. The IPCC released three reports into Ian Tomlinson’s death, written between April 2010 and May 2011. The third report detailed an allegation from Tomlinson’s family that the police had offered misleading information to Dr Shorrock before the third autopsy report was written on the 22ndApril 2009. D.I Eddie Hall told Dr Shorrock, who was conducting the autopsy for the police; that Tomlinson had fallen to the ground in front of a police van earlier in the evening, though there was also no evidence to support this claim. In September 2005; a GMC hearing, found that Dr Shorrock had been; ‘unprofessional, inconsistent, unreasonable and inappropriate’. He was reprimanded over his role in a botched trial, which cost taxpayers £5million, when he ‘changed his report’ into the cause of death of a pensioner who died during an operation and which led to her surgeon being ‘wrongly’ charged with manslaughter. The above, and much more is claimed by the authors of the new book; A Madness Shared by Two, released on the 12-12-12. They state they believe Sabina is innocent of Glenn’s murder and that the Hollinshead family are calling on a new investigation to be held. Contact: - More info:
    • haroldseifert interesting...
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    With one week to go until the Olympics Opening Ceremony, LBC Listeners take part in a round table discussion about what Londoners can...
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    Petrie Hosken gave John Mason a roasting over the ban of black cabs in Olympic Lanes - and queries why they are still debating their use...
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    George Michael says he's glad to have lived to see the exposure of Rupert Murdoch and the News of the World. And the singer's told...
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    As Claire's Law is trialled - allowing people to check with police to see if their future partner has a history of domestic violence...
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    Steffan Meyric Hughs talks to Duncan Barkes about his extraordinary journey around London's forgotten waterways on his boat.
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    The mother of a man who died from dehydration after being neglected by hospital staff in south London has told LBC 97.3 she hopes his...
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    A Conservative backbencher screamed herself hoarse during a rowdy Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons. Anne Marie...
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    Amy Crowhurst, Britain's youngest mother after she fell pregnant aged 12, told LBC 97.3 that she is an excellent mother and wouldn't...
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    Emma Barnett has been named as Best Newcomer in the Arqiva Awards - the industry awards for Commercial Radio. Emma presents on LBC...
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    Vince Cable talks to James Max about the Libor scandal and an inquiry into British banks.
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    Pavlo is dressed up as a giant cucumber, breaks his ankle, so his friend dressed up as a giant tomato runs into A&E asking for help...
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    Boris Johnson was asked at the LBC 97.3 Talk London event how he plans to address homelessness in London. Listen to Duncan Barkes talk to...
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    The number of young people unemployed has soared in the past 10 years - Duncan talks to 16 year old Reece who has struggled to get a job.