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    • macolgan #bigtest Just read the spec on the Phase One P45 digital back ! Astounding piece of photography equipment ... and similarly astounding price tag :/ mac.
    • macolgan Interesting project to look forward to ! If the cross media presentation is called " transmedia " are the participants " transmediants " :/ If at the same time a technical field comparison is being carried out on equipment , does that then create a completly new category / terminology ? what would that be I wonder :) mac.
    • omaniblog This will be fun - it may also be a valuable bit of exposure for Nikon because it's an example of customers taking your product & testing it their way. This will also be watched by photographic magazines who until now had a monopoly on testing products. Bernie Goldbach @topgold has agreed to be our consultant/adviser in relation to the Google Hangout that he so brilliantly executed in Clonmel with local Chamber of Commerce & students at LIT multimedia department. The term "trainsmedia" has its students as it emerges alongside the new technology. But, for me, it is the emergence of new imagining that captures my passion. This experience will be communicated face-to-face, on telephone, in writing via Twitter & blogs, in still & moving imagery, in audio via Audioboo - Google Plus will be an experimental field - and there will be a trace left behind for the historians & descendants to pour over. History is being made - you are part of it as you read this. Thank you Roger Overall for letting me attach myself to the great idea that you "Circle of Confusion" have spawned.