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    • andymooseman He was present at 3 pretty important moments of WW2. This was the first of them. I'll probably do another Boo about the rest of his WW2 story. Glad you liked this. I may well do some more personal type Boo's in the future. This seems like a good medium for that kind of thing & it's something i've thought of doing before. This might just be the right time & place.
    • anakin1814 I'm glad you did this a way for your father. He sounded like he had so many amazing stories....Such a rich history...
    • andymooseman Thanks Rich. I'm pleased you enjoyed this Boo. That book sounds interesting. I might have to try & find it. I think this was a fascinating period in the history of London. That's one reason why it interests me. But, the fact that my Father was born & lived in the East End of London, adds a little something to that interest. I may well recount more of his wartime story as well.
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    Mayday Testing of the Air Raid Siren in Copenhagen #siren #airraid#mayday
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    The street location of this shelter is at