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    • AdamJaffrey @sm2n I feel that other aspirational brands can leverage 'some' of the tactics that Apple uses – but they can't copy Apple's strategy verbatim. I guess that's the point that I'm ultimately trying to make. For example, BMW may be able to be especially secretive like Apple and this might build media interest and hype – but I don't think they can be too arrogant or they'll get kickback from consumers. Some aspects are transferable, others are not (and frankly, others you may not want to copy!). Because Apple has built such a strong brand (arguably, the strongest in the world?!) they can leverage it without great consequence. Additionally, some of the tactics they partake in (e.g. arrogance to consumers and competitors, needlessly suing competitors for minor patent 'infringements', etc.) contribute to build Apple's brand. When it comes to Apple, you're definitely either a lover or a hater – there's no middle ground. But they've definitely leveraged, and will continue to leverage, their strong brand image to their advantage! @NickHollowayVox I'm glad I finally made my point clear after 3 boos and 19:15mins! :P
    • NickHollowayVox thanks Adam, the penny dropped for me with your final sentence "Apple has built a very strong brand and now they can leverage it".
    • sm2n Thanks for this. Do other aspirational brands have the option to use the same tactics as Apple, if they have a similar aspirational position in their own markets? I'm thinking of BMW for example. You used the example of Dell. Are your arguments limited only to the markets Apple operate in?
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    • NickHollowayVox