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    • sm2n Makes perfect sense. Thanks Sassycat.
    • SassyCat I am reminded of a time when i belonged to "" and when this type of thing sould became so out of control after a while. When one person would "call out" another person for unfollowing because of something that was said openly...boiled down to throwing mud at each other, sides being taken...only in the "arena" of the website... I personally am only upset if somene asks to be included on my personal facebook page and then they decide to leave. I "block" them afterwards...they chose to leave my inner circle, so there's no turning back...on other media sites, such as 4sq, audioboo, etc i am not upset ..i just figured it was something i said that they didn't agree with or like. Mostly I just ignore it..why? chase a person UNLESS i felt strongly about losing their friendship, make sense?
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