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    Forty years ago, a self-appointed panel of experts called the Club of Rome published a tract entitled the Limits to Growth, a massively...
    • bennohansen Silly. Environmentalists don't account for progress!?!? Then how come environmentalism is all about advocating wind power, electric cars, 3rd gen biofuel etc? And: Who predicted CFC making a hole in the ozone layer and CO2 causing climate change before widespread CFC and combustion engine use? Nobody. Which means technological progress comes with unforeseen negative side effects. What I wonder is how anyone wants to interview Bjørn Lomborg anymore. The once climate change denier (read his first book, it's really embarrassing) has changed his position so many times and has always been so full of logical fallacies he can only be of interest to the deeply conservative business as usual crowd. Also: When did he become a doctor? Last I saw he is a former assistant professor?
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    "We're not hippies". So says a Danish MP, defending the country's extraordinary new commitment to clean energy. So why are they promising...