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    • buddhamagnet hey phil - I never got those mike covers you popped in the post!
    • philcampbell stick a sodding mic cover on it!!!
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    • ColtSeavers Cheers fellas :D Aye, just iPhone between the speakers. Just a mess about really, checking my synths were working :P
    • Boogie Bruahhhhhhhhhhh ;) You made my day. That's crazy.
    • artpunk Wonderfully warped cover of Crazy. Are you simply holding the iPhone up to your speakers to capture this Colt? I am really looking forward to being able to upload a audio file from the computer if such capability comes about (and I'm looking forward to an AudioBoo 'Pro' I'll be very interested to see what capabilities that has too, when it comes) :-)>
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    • Philwtv glad you caught it, seeing as your mention was right at the end! That boo incidentally was recorded with the Iphone headphones that you get with the phone, and i only realised that the phones have a microphone just the other day and ive had the phone now to 2 months! durrrr!! Anyway, its a bit loud isnt it... maybe i can turn the volume down on the output? can you do that do you know?
    • ColtSeavers Really loved this (not least for the Birthday wishes :D) Thing is - I KNOW you're right - and generally i'm fueled by optimism.....still! Hearing encouraging words - but in particular hearing 'something' in your voice fills me with it (optimism) - whether that's optimism, passion or just happiness i'm not sure - but it's put me in a great mood this morning :) Managed to get 5 hours sleep and can honestly say i'm having a HAPPY birthday :) Manlove Phil, really appreciated.