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    Interview with Chinese elder with intepreter Richard Chan regarding the valuable work of Hackney Chinese Community Services #chinese...
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    • soundmap Many thanks for your recording, sounds like a good event. Your recording's now on the UK SoundMap.
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    • ColtSeavers I've run several communities myself. Currently We've always had a simple rule - Friendly Respect. It covers losts and works as long as the moderators are moderate :) I embrace the liberty and communicative excellence of the internet - and am instinctively a libertarian. However, coming from a game community admin background, I would say I am in favour of peer censorship. To state the obvious, the net is very different from real world, especially when it comes to inter personal relationships. In order for a platform that I would class as 'for the people' work well, we need to be confident that when we recomment our uncles, grandmas, mothers, etc, keep up with what were doing through our AudioBoo's, it would be nice to think there was a civilised code of practise - simply showing each other friendly respect - by that measure, common sense can deal with most things. Having a 'inappropriate' flag could be ideal....but should have a threshold - so it would take, say, 5 people to flag your Boo for it to be auto moderated. A simple appeal process may work. It may be labour intensive. I'd advocate keeping it simple for now. I'd also implement a 3 strikes and you are out rule. If 3 of your Boo's are flagged over 5 times, you are IP banned - maybe that where the appeal process could start. I don't think this is anti - liberty. After all. AudioBoo is a free service, offered by individuals who have a right to request those using it are doing so considerately. Interesting Boo btw - added 8)
    • aaronrussell I've noticed a few very abusive boos being targeted at other users. What seems to happening is two different crowds are using AudioBoo. On the one side there are people using it as a kind of instant audio chat service, where users can meet each other, have a bit of banter, maybe a bit of flirting, and generally have some fun. And that's all cool with me :) However, on the other side people are using the service like yourself, as another channel through which to communicate with their existing audience, covering very varied niche topics. So naturally, the people from the first crowd are going to find someone who's harping on for 4 minutes about web design really boring making them a target for abuse. A couple of possible suggestions might be to opt out of having boos published to the 'public timeline', or maybe the introduction of channels so people can hang out with people sharing their interests and reasons for using AudioBoo.
    • JoelDrapper I've noticed it's suffering from another problem. No one seems to comment. They could lessen this problem by not forcing people to register in order to leave a comment.