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    Katrina Sluis is the new Curator of the Digital Programme at the Photographers' Gallery in London. She talks to Richard West of Source...
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    Body Adorned exhibtion co-curator Wayne Modest gives his view.
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    • HornimanMuseum TRANSCRIPT Hi, I'm Wayne Modest, and I'm co-curator of the Body Adorned exhibition. It's hard to say that there is a London look, that there's a single London look. I mean, London in itself as a city is... I find it's such a big city, that it's so varied, that in some ways sometimes is polarised or segregated... that so many different kinds of people live in different places in London. So to say that there is one London look is hard. I think that what one could define as a London look is what emerged out of the coincidences of many different traditions coming together, that also coincides basically with a city that has always been a world city, an international city. So in terms of fashion, style, in terms of movements, flows of textiles, materials, people. So if one could say... what I would say is that the London look is one that has emerged out of global flows of both materials, objects, as well as styles and ideas about what fashion is, about what dress is. But that's said, there's one person who says that the London look is very dark, and black, and that London has no colour. I'd disagree with that. I think one has to not even look so closely or so far to find that London is a place where there is colour, and there is a lot of colour and individuality, that there is a shared feeling for what dress is. That it is quite - in my interviews - that it is actually quite an edgy place. One thing that I think is important, though, is that while London is also place where people are free to dress - many people think about it in terms of individuality and freedom, there's also a lot of structures that prevent people from dressing in one way and others from dressing in another way. So it is not a place of absolute freedom as we think it is. It is stil l a place with its structures of prohibitions.
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    • Montagfire Google maps - reviews and info about the museum,Boscastle,+Cornwall&gl=uk&ei=Ft0ET7flJ4fe8QOKxem9AQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCgQ8gEwAA
    • Montagfire Interviewed12th July 2011 Graham King - Curator and owner
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    Our youth panel asked people to say what they think the London look is.
    • HornimanMuseum TRANSCRIPT Not everyone in London is the same... 40s are in fashion, lot of colour blocking, bright colours around and nudes... I think the London look is American swag... Eclectic... Multicultural... Cool and diverse... I think the London look is unique... Hipster... I think, fashion-wise, it's casual, compared to other cities that I've been to... So, I think loads of guys tend to shop in brands and, generally, buy whatever brands they like and are released, whereas girls tend to buy whatever they like the look of... I think it's alright, but I got my own look... So for me, it's layers of clothes, things that will keep you warm, rather than cold, so long things and not short things. And hats and scarves and gloves and wools, lots of well insulated garments, leathers and suedes and sheepskins and all those kind of things... It's different for everyone, I think... People wear a lot more diverse things, and it's all acceptable, and never questionable... Oh, it's really unique, unusual, individual.. It's unique, you would never find it anywhere else in the world... The London look is awesome.
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    • smartie999 Hey Taggie - glad I found you. Fab listen. Knotting my rope now!
    • Montagfire interview with Graham King of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft 2011
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    • Documentally Nigel Wolland MBE (projectionist) I spoke to in this audioboo has watched tens of thousands of films.. this is his favorite.