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    We spent much of last year talking about the #Eurozone crisis, and the soaring unemployment figures in so many southern European states....
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    Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy is expected to make an important speech tomorrow. It's thought he'll outline a detectable shift away from...
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    Elections in both France and Greece have a message to European leaders that voters are unhappy with the austerity measures ordered by the...
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    • tgw123 Mandelson: '...greater political integration will be required to achieve that end'. And of course you and your New Age pro-EU, anti-traditional British values and history mates in the Labour Party would just love that, wouldn't you Mandy. Not if a lot of us can help it. The Euro was always a disaster in the making. One exchange rate - set to suit Germany - could never do anything by hurt other economies. Why they signed up for it I'll never know but I reckon a lot of money changed hands behind the scenes and as we know those countries, like Ireland, who said No were simply advised that they had made the wrong decision and to try again. We all know Germany would have done no such thing. I said ages ago that Greece should be helped to default and withdraw from the Euro in the least damaging way possible. Remember this: does anybody seriously believe that Germany would have joined the single currency if the single exchange rate had been set to suit Ireland's economy? Or Portugal's? Or Spain's? Or Italy's? Or Greece's. The 'Common Market' that we were asked to vote on long ago is now nothing of the sort. The EU is a German-led plan for A single European super-state with its own flag, parliament, anthem, laws and army, and is already considerably in evidence. It has been the aim of Germany since it became a single unified nation under Bismark in 1870. That dream was recently repeated and reinforced once again by current German president Angela Merkel who, with echoes of the past, warned of a breakdown of peace should things not go Germany's way. France are concerned and will inevitably fall out again with Germany one day. At that point no doubt the French will seek Britain's help, which is a bot much given the rudeness and disdain Sarkozy displayed towards us. Europe is stagnant and top-heavy with beaurocracy. Tomorrow's opportunities lie further afield in the East and in the southern hemispheres. We should be planning to focus our energies on expanding, very belatedly and as our major European competitors have done already, our business with those areas and get out of the EU. ONly they will never put that to the British people to vote on because they know the majority of people would vote to withdraw. Thus, democracy continues to be undermined and representation of what the people want denied.
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    Former chancellor Ken Clarke gave an exclusive analysis of #Budget2013, the wider UK and #Eurozone economic picture, and the Scottish...
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    Italy's credit rating has been downgraded following the failure of the eurozone to agree a deal for a second Greek bailout. The BBC's...
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    Terry Smith, Chief Executive of Tullett Prebon, has compared Britain's isolation from the EU to "someone who refused to join the Titanic...
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    Patience in the financial markets expired yesterday as news of a Greek referendum on the eurozone bailout package led to big falls in...
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    What are the dangers of a Greece exit from the euro for Britain and the rest of the eurozone? Former chancellor Lord Lamont told Today...
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    Stuart Hughes reports from the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, at the start of the 2-day gathering of world leaders.
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    David Cameron at PMQs gives a stark warning to the Eurozone countries
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    As Greece and Italy prepare to swear in new, unelected, prime ministers, has the EU's democratic dream been forgotten? "There is...
    • bubblenet65 ....well as a german, I would say that the terminology "german hegemony" is a very hard word. It is not germanys aim to install or support a undemocratic system via the eurozone. I want to remind, that the US was almost bancrupt this summer 2011. But they changed their mind, and are printing more Dollars, which means that nobody wants to be the first be bancrupt. This is the game at the moment. And neither the one of the countries of the eurozone wants to be bancrupt also. In a world where many western countries are facing government bancruptcy, nobody wants to be the first one, to get bancrupt. Why? Well, it is obvious that those who are the first, will remain in the longest period of recession or depression, afterwards. And those countries, which are the last to be bancrupt, will have the shortest period of time of recession /depression. This is the game. If Greece is deciding to remain in the eurozone, we have to face the consequences. All together. And it is just normal, if Germany has to pay a big part of this debt-cake, we want to be sure that this help will help the greek as a whole. But we have seen that the problem was caused since the sub-prime crisis. And now we are still facing the consequences the failures of bancing investments. Why should the taxpayers in germany in special, or the taxpayers in the eurozone in general pay for these banking faillures? We have seen that the first payments to the Greece were not seen in the pockets of the government. This money was going into the pockets of banks in whole europe and espacially to a greek banking billionaire, and from him ride away to a swiss bank-account. When a german politician says, that now "we speak in Europe german", he was especially in Great Britain misunderstood. He should be meant that the way we solve the financial problem should be based at least on german standards, or french standards, or english standards. The common sense of solving these financial problems, which are not caused by a "german economic hegemony", should be solved with all countries /partners in the eurozone. Germany is encouraging to participate in solving these problems all eurozone-countries together. But if is in need to solve these problems by leading with germany as the "front"-country, then germany will do this. To bring the solution to a good end, for all of us. To Great Britain i would like to point out, that you are a great nation, and that germany and great britain have much more in common than some minorities in both countries might think. Great Britain used to have a strong industry in the past. But what has happened with it? Britain has a lack of productivity in industrial production. Personally I want to encourage Britain's people to bring their ingenuity back into the eurozone production. It is my personal belief, that Britain's Economy is too much depending on the financial economic resources from the London Stock Exchange. As a german i would say that, the germany of today is not comparable with the germany of 1933. And i want to encourage both countries to work together. So many things to loose on both sides, but we could make a big win-win situation for all. nice hello from a nice "kraut" ;-)
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    Ratings agency Moody's has cut the credit ratings of 16 Spanish banks, a further blow to a country that is struggling to deal with the...
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