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    • marcelreuter Yeah! Ich bekomme Hot Dogs^^ Vielen Dank schon mal dafür! Also ich würde auch gerne beider Aktion "More Comments" mitmachen, falls das dann realisiert wird. Mal wieder ein toller Audioboo in Überlänge, trotzdem macht es Spaß ihn komplett anzusehen!
    • __iPhoneEisi so dann kommentiere ich auch mal :D ja ich versuche meinen Bruder mal zu überreden... ich hoffe ich werde auch bald ein King und nicht nur ein Prince ^^
    • DHG_Alex Habs durch gehört ;-) Gibt viel zu Kommentieren ich machs aber mal kurz: Das mit unseren vielen Abonnenten ist wahrscheinlich ein fake. Irgend ein Depp hat uns wohl auf so einer earn subscriber Seite angemeldet. Was ihn dazu bewegt hat, keine Ahnung. Wahrscheinlich sauer dass die Schminkies alle so weit oben stehen. Ob es so ist weiß ich nicht mit Sicherheit. Aber ist schon komisch wenn man in 3 Tagen 600 Abonnenten aus den USA dazu bekommt, als Deutscher. Hingegen nur 400 aus deutschsprachigen Ländern. Das mit den Kommentaren: Bin bei deiner Aktion dabei. Pläne für eine Umsetzung hab ich nicht ;D Stehe was das angeht sowieso mehr auf so Spontanaktionen. Schlusssatz: Viel Spaß noch mit deinem neuem iPhone. Ach das mit dem an der Bushaltestelle kann ich bestätigen. Jedes Mal wenn ich da mit einem technischem Gerät, was auch immer es ist rumfummel, holt jemand seinen Nokia- oder Ericsonklotz raus und macht irgendeine geschmacklose Mainstreammukke an. Nennen wir es Neidsyndrom. Aber jetzt ist wirklich Schluss :)
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    • tinnion it is an interesting topic. glad we had the chat. btw, This conversation is an example of the benefits of podcasting/audio boo, I can wander round the site looking to hear what interesting things people say and pick up a conversation days if not months down the line (as it was in this case) . it would be cool to expose a feed for the comments on audio boo (if there isn't already one) so it's easier to find other conversations likes this happening on the site. I think i'll visit the forum to raise a suggestion :) i am on twitter - same name, tinnion, so please follow me there. :)
    • skattyadz Good conversation here, I'm afraid we may have exhausted all there is to say on the matter! I can see how that makes sense for you. I happen to be on a rolling contract with o2 that gets me unlimited data, and I have a 3gs so it can just about handle the load, although it isn't the ideal device for the job. I hate asking people for their wifi keys also. and I wouldn't use the iPad on the tube either. Not a blogger. I gave it a go, before, but not too keen on releasing a personal journal type ting any more. I do have a site waiting to be released, but I want it to be much more a log of my creations or discoveries. And software I release, or workarounds to computer errors et cetera. The kinds of things I find myself googling for a lot of the time. Are you on twitter? I'm glad we had this conversation here, as it is most definitely over 140 characters!
    • tinnion good response fella. well done for typing all that on your iphone. Not sure I would have the patience :) I totally agree with your points about the need for yet another 3G device/tariff. My need for the 3G is driven primarily by how and where I use the device, and my desire to pack light. 1. Usage pattern I mostly use my iPad away from home. I don't have an office (except at home) so when I am out, taking my own WIFI/3G is super handy and affords personal freedom to work from anywhere + I can avoid imposing on a client for a WIFI key in a first meeting. I rarely use the iPad on the train, because people do look over your shoulder :) Their curiosity is bearable when you're reading a book or newspaper but not work material or personal email. I'd never use the iPad on the tube because of fear of it being damaged or stolen but that's just me being over cautious. 2. 3G costs I have a rolling 1 month contract on 3. I wouldn't sign up for anything that would tie me in for longer. I have considered changing to PAYG on 02 but the mobile network can get congested in Reading town centre so I think i'll stick with 3. The cost is only £7.50 which I see as the price of forgoing a couple of (cheapish) beers per month which I can live with (just) :D 3. Battery life / Packing lite The 10 hour battery life is just amazing and makes all the difference because I can leave the charger at home. If the MIFI or my mobile could last that long then I would definitely be less inclined to buy the 3G version + the mobile data package. I sometimes take a notebook pc with me too because I need to run certain apps, but I have take the charger for that (4 hour battery life). To solve this issue, I am thinking about running more apps in the cloud and looking to try out VNC or other remoting tool to see if that works (wishful thinking) - i'd need WIFI access to do this otherwise i'd need a 2nd mortgage to cover the 3G bill :) btw. if you're a blogging kind of fella, feel free to include my comments if you write about the iPad.
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    • mistressbratty Does that mean Audioboo has a droid App? Sounds great
    • chuckreynolds last upad --> chuck :) Anyways, done w/ Festivus shopping as of today. Happy Holidays back and hopefully I get to listen tonight :) Cheers