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    The scanner used to find Joby Murphy's body in the River Lagan was bought with funds raised by the family of Cork drowning victim Brian...
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    20-year-old Joby Murphy fell into the river last month after a night of heavy drinking at the Odyssey. His body still hasn't been...
    • murphy2012 As Joby's aunty I'm extremely upset/offended/disappointed and aggrieved to read your comment "that there is only so much time and effort that can be put into this operation". Let me first of all explain what this so called "operation" entailed. The cost to you and I as a tax payer was; 1 diver that searched an area of around 100 metres for 5 days followed by sonar equipment for 3 days. Then we were left to our own devices and we as a family asked for voluntary organisations to intervene. Community Search and Rescue followed by Mallow Search and Rescue assisted us with our search. We as a family paid for Mallow's accommodation and travel expenses. On 25 February exactly 31 days after Joby fell into the river the PSNI organised another search due to a change in tides. Sonar equipment donated to Mallow Search and Rescue (voluntary organisation) from a family who lost their son was brought up to Belfast. It was this organisation's sonar equipment that found Joby. So all in all, I don't think what the PSNI spent on the search, would scratch the surface of government funds. Regarding your second point about lifebelts, there isn't a lifebelt on any footbridge from belfast to the river foyle. You obviously didn't hear what my brother was saying. He said that if Nelson McCausland's Audit doesn't fund this then we as a family not you as a taxpayer would pay for lifebelts ourselves. I can only surmise that you yourself are not a parent. To lose a child is hard enough but not to have them to bury them is another thing entirely and I hope you never have to go through what we have for 31 days. My brother is self employed he therefore hasn't been paid for the last 4 weeks. He'd have sold his house and we'd have done the same if needed, because money is nothing family is everything.
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    The father of missing man Joby Murphy has welcomed the news that some cheap drink deals are to be banned in Northern Ireland. Social...