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    • andymooseman Good Boo Gary. As you can probably imagine, this would be very hard for me to do as well. But, i may well give it a try. That number one spot would be especially hard to decide on. I'm with you on The Beatles & U2. I'd have to include Led Zeppelin & Counting Crows. But, there are just so many contenders. Just like Ken said. A Video Boo? is this something i don't know about?
    • kenrg Do a boo on favorite artists? It would take longer than five minutes... These are all good choices, and they've certainly each been a part of my life, but I'm not sure if MJ or U2 would make it to my top five. Probably something more like Beatles, Kinks, Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn, Warren Zevon... no... wait... Does Dylan need to be there? What about Jackson Browne? No, screw him. Pat Metheny! Maybe... Oh, damn. I'll just stick with your list.
    • TheRantBlog For me its kinda hard to pick a number 1 on my list, i live in a very musical family but i will say U2 is on my list and of course the Beatles i will also choose oasis as well, and for the King of Pop Yes ive listened to his music growing up and i still do, great boo