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    • Richymoon Oh and somthing just to add the Venus project is one thing, but I don't just want to promote one thing, it's like u say education education education, not degree level but general awareness of your surroundings then it's up to the people what they decide is right. Peace everyone :-) Moon
    • Richymoon Hi Myles, I have been following your boos for some time now but this one got me really excited. I have also researched everything you mentioned and my beliefs have been that way for years now. I'm 28 and have been a free lance music producer and studio manager all my working life. But I will warn you I now have sold on my business and lost many friends for pursuing the speed of this knowledge as like you said in this boo people don't like hearing or re learning what they perceive to be true. But to me knowing the truth enlightened me in so many other ways and I fully support your decision in using your Internet profile in raising the awareness. I wish I had the same reach as you, but be careful who and how you say things it's easy to become an evangelist on the topic but very hard to get the message across to people who can't "get out" of the fraudulent reality that in most cases is there purpose in life, eg family mortgages 9 to 5, this is the reason I lost friends as our ideologies conflict massively with there reality. ( but the government knows this and this is why the system is like it is) Anyway.... As for myself I lived in Thailand for most of last year there are many people there who as I did if you can't beat it and refuse to join it why not find a life as far away from it as possible living as closely to nature and Eco living as is possible and in Thailand for very small amounts of money in comparison to the western world, so I'm heading back in 2 weeks to meet with some friends I met there last year. But if I can help you in anyway please let me as it's my goal to educate and change things for future generations, this project will take generations and will suffer many years of persecution and suppression by authority as the church did to Galileo but i believe in it fully, and I'm so happy to see someone with such a good reach to people sharing my views. Please keep in touch e mail me on Let's get shit started
    • LariisaM I actually have a question: your purpose is based on the ideas promoted by the Venus Project? Because frankly, some already have been promoted by the communist like: "Realizing the declaration of the World's Resources Being as the common heritage of all people.". And some are even utopian, that will never disappear or at least be diminished nationalism ... However, I would like to get involved in such a project. Let me know if there's anything I could help you out with! Larisa :)
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