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    • ladyarilan Yay for lyrics! Admittedly,it's not incomprehensible like a lot of the modern stuff, but it's nice to know I'm singing it right. By which I mean, yes, it was stuck in my head for part of my day at work. o_0 You have a nice early 90's vibe going on there. It gave me flashbacks.(Okay, so I was barely in elementary school in the early 90's, but that's beside the point.) The American accent was pretty sweet too. It left me wondering "Wow, do we all really sound that stupid?"... but that just means that it was accurate.
    • Blade376 This rap goes out to Charlie - coz it’s his birthday No longer a teen - 20 years of age So go send him a message - and remember to say! Give it up for Coollike - Hip hip hooray! ---------------- When McDonnel hears this song, I hope he laughs good. Cause he knows that I’m not really from the hood. So I send him my best wishes - is that understood? 
 Just have a great birthday! Like we all know you should!
    • LeaZancha hahahaha this is SO awesome!!! you have real talents I wish someone would do something like this for me!
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    • tregregins After about the first two movies I just ended watching them for the hilarious traps and funny gore. I did however enjoy the plausible moral situations but because Saw just become an hour and a half of funny gore and traps, that aspect lots its appeal. You don't go see a Saw movie for the incredible story or the next generation of graphics it's just another movie for something to do.
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    • DMK You do have a fanbase Myles, just don't deny it or call it by any other name (:
    • __pandapoop Well done Myles! I had actually got really confused when they'd all disappeared on the audioboo app haha but this is fantastic news and lets hope you continue to get support and be heard by hundreds of people worldwide! :)
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    • Atsophie It crazy because once you get a job, you just want to leave because you feel useless and terrible at it.
    • insomniacnat Myles, if you could have whatever job you wanted right now, what would it be? what's your dream job? and also, what do you mean that english people feel more secure in their jobs, different than americans who fear their job security. Im american and don't understand how it works over there... sorry if its a dumb question and I like your "pillow talk" boos :)
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    • Brainchild16 Wow. This...I almost cryed. This hits close to home. I can only hope to one day be able to express myself as well as you do.
    • allie-wa You should post a text-copy of this somewhere, so I can quote it and stuff. YOU.ARE.A.PHENOMENON. I can't even...this is fantastic. I usually hate listening to poetry, it always sounds pretentious to me. But, not when Myles Dyer recites it. I mean this, you should have a radio station.
    • foreigncandle As I said in the Stickam chat when you read it aloud, I find this beautiful. Writing lyrics is no easy task and you should definitely be proud of this.
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    • allie-wa You are such a girl. I love spiders, they're adorable! Please don't kill know, they keep mosquitos and other creepy-crawlies out. I have a spider living on the ceiling of my living room, and we coexist happily. I don't really have any irrational fears, besides Slender Man...
    • HazeyKate92 I know exactly what thats like- theres been a spider in my shower for 2weeks! Everytime i have a shower i cant take my eyes off it incase it falls on me and i kill it! x
    • kelann89 I do not like spiders at all and if I found one in the house I smash it.
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    • lauramilner_ I can relate so much to this post. I myself have the same problem.. Sometimes, I want to keep myself to myself and stay secluded for the time being. I'm neither extroverted or introverted but i'd like to be able to find a stable middle so that people won't get insulted anymore. I can't handle picking up every phone call because some people can't/won't accept that I just don't want to do anything at that particular time and get insulted. I have friends that I see once every 3 weeks and accept it, and I have friends that I see once every 3 weeks and text me with things that can make me feel really guilty. For example, last week I got a text saying "I don't feel like i'm in your life anymore" - This person went to University a few months ago and it felt incredibly unfair to be put in such a position. I am content with seeing some people once every month, but it's hard to explain that to people without sounding rude. It's ridiculously frustrating and a subject which I could discuss for hours.
    • __OpenCaption Where you with Charlie and Alex?
    • xannabelxleex I listen to your audioboo and I actually think you make so much sense. When will you make a new youtube video?I miss watching them
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    • allie-wa Also: America is NOT that great, but I won't ruin your dreams.
    • allie-wa Move to America. No, seriously, get over here. I'm American, marry me. (just kidding ;D) If you move to Boston, you will legitimately live mere miles away from me (I'm from Rhode Island) so, that will be quite awesome. We can be bffs.
    • kelann89 America is a wonderful place to live :D.
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    • locspoc Nice, I really want to improve my vocal skills also, I often get told off for speaking too quietly!
    • allie-wa Oh, I've been in one choir or another since I was about 9 years old (I'm now 16). I have applied to some prestigious choirs, and I've gotten in to some, and not gotten in to others. Confidence is a huge part of the audition process. The feedback I usually get is that my voice shakes, as though I'm nervous, but after awhile goes back to normal. They say I need to be more confident, and though I know I have a good voice, I still get freaked out beforehand. For the record, if you ever need someone to help you with your voice, let me know :) There's no such thing as a "bad singer" just someone who doesn't know how to use their voice. You have the ability. :D
    • eleanora I find this a really strange, but funny concept. I am in my local church choir (Im not christian, I just always liked singing) and so I am classically trained to sing choral music, which I think Im sort of good at, but all Ive ever wanted to do is be able to sing in a rock band, which my voice is slightly to refined to be able to do without being laughed at. I guess that grass is always greeener...
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