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    • goLookGoRead Dear AWOL, I am sorry that the army has to conscript children that are 16 years of age and send them to be the human shields on behalf of the politicians that I have voted to run this country in my name. A lot of deprived young people in USA are offered a University education in exchange - what does Britain offer its young conscripts' trauma at having to fight America's colonialism, lies, and corruption. How can young men of 16 to 21, out of the streets of the UK, be expected to fight professional guerrillas, with decades of hardened experience in guerrilla warfare? (The USA and the UK financially maintained and kitted out these hardened guerrillas before we decided to invade their countries!) We should all be putting pen to paper and writing letters to our MPs to force: no soldiers between 16 and 21 should be sent abroad to fight in America's wars! Children cannot be expected kill children without being scarred emotionally for the rest of their lives....
    • wizzardsblog Good interview. Nice to hear both sides of the army story.
    • artbizness Wow. That guy is awesome. I'm speechless.
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