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    Here's a link to the blog post that i mentioned:
    • andymooseman Paul: My feelings about TT are pretty much the same as yours. I too enjoyed last weeks edition, but have noticed a change in style this year. I'm a big fan of Mick & have never taken to Francis in the same way. Although both the progs mentioned are history ones, my issue with the "sexing-up" of things ranges far & wide.
    • americannamor Mud Men sounds like it had potential-I might try an episode just  to see for myself but I'm not really interested if it's overly scripted, overly produced and dumbed down. I liked last week's TT for what it's worth-my problem isn't so much the sexing up of the show(I'm not even sure it trying to do that)  my problem is it's feeling very scripted, rushed and insincere. I know they have to follow some sort of script or guide but almost every conversation is scripted with multiple cameras, multiple takes, obvious "cover that find back up and wait for the camera so you can discover it on film" moments, wild leaps of conjecture based on very little evidence especially during Francis Pryor episodes-and hearing he is going to direct more of the digs next year is pretty worrying to me.