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    • philcampbell things start to get tripping here. .. firstly. 1.) you can get the charger from memorybits (it charges the iphone which is great) 2.) how weird is this, i hosted with for about 2 years when i ran clanlife my gameserver gsp before getting out of that and doing other thing. Red5 is a cool little server, but we really want to start using wowza - it just has a lot more features and is a little bit easier to plug into - if you could give us a wowza server that would be fantastic! - we should talk! :) I even have servers here we could plug in and use if the monthly fee was something you can get down cheaply. i really need an linux admin with a good pipe and a copy of nagix or something to monitor the flash server. yeah we should def talk! :)
    • ColtSeavers and btw - where do i get one of those charger/plug gizmos - that's just what i'm looking for!
    • ColtSeavers It was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it - Kudos to all involved! I'd have thought Bambuser should be able to sort the audio out failry easily - if they can deal with video, which was good, then they can deal with video. As you say, if you can't stream both media from one single, sync'd stream, you're very unlikely to ever get the two in time. A nice little firefox plug-in would be ideal - so you can pause/ff/rw/play audio elements in a browser window, allowing a quick fix manual sync between a video and an audio source. That said, i'm sure it's unecessary, as it's easy to sort with a better audio codec or higher bitstream. Just had an idea actually - I have a Red5 server - simply o/s flash media server, a quad core with 6g ram, Xeon processor and oodles of bandwidth, in a datacenter. I use it for running various ad hoc online games, supplementing my other tf2 server. I'd be more than happy to provide it for Ammobox events - you could stream 1 or 4 cameras to it, and 1 audio feed, and it would push it out in sync. It's on a 100M unrestricted line and my bandwidth is sponsored by
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    • ColtSeavers MARGOT!!!!!!!! Ah man, i got completely different value from that clip than you intended. 2 years ago - before i got agrophobic - we went to france in our little 2 seater and did 3000 miles, based simple on a map, and tomtom on my HTC handset. We got so attached to TomTom - because it took us to so many exciting places that we'd never have found by any other means, I'm really not the sort of person that names innanimate objects - and nor is my wife....but we named our navigator margot. The only reason i have an iPhone, and therefore discovered you lot, is that I had my HTC stolen off me by some lads pretending to be interested in Poppy......and whilst I can say with some conviction that the iphone, or more importantly it's apps and audioBoo in particular, has actually been life changing, I do miss that voice :P This emotional soft sod almost shed a tear :D Hope it goes great tonight in Oxford - i'm sure it will and can't wait to listen 8)
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    • philcampbell link: link: link: gent from germany talking about doing a full production piece from the iphone (time limit thing?) alice youtube mashup link: link: (src @fellowcreative -> @raphdamico) link: