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    • Dracotorre I like the idea of central podcast. You're statement about keeping it informal and fun, letting the audience meet the writer is important. I see it no different than a gathering of writers sharing from a stage, like poetry night at the local pub.
    • utography I think as is. Author bios could be included inside the app as text. Just keep doing what you're doing. Like I said, it's partly about meeting the authors, as well as telling the stories.
    • icypop All I'd want to know beforehand is whether or not you'd want the author intros, or just simply the flash recorded as is.
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    • icypop I can see what people are getting at but I deliberately write pieces purely for use with the hashtag so I'd be up for a podcast or iPhone app, whichever seems easier.
    • utography ;-)
    • jen_b Strangely, however, it isn't gone--I think that's what makes me nervous about this. I had no idea it was so easy to access the mp3s of my Audioboos. Audioboo's terms of service even says we're granting every user of the site the right to access, display, view, store, and reproduce our user content. So really, even if we say no Greg you'd have an arguable right to create the podcast. (I don't think you'd do that! I'm just a librarian, analyzing the TOS with her usual paranoia.) My initial reaction to this whole idea was "Nooooooo" but I realize that's my extremely cautious (paranoid? :) ) side talking, so I'm very willing to continue listening to the dialogue about it. It's an exciting idea and it could be a very successful, fantastic thing that brings a lot of attention to our work.
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    • AlannahMurphy Hiya Icy, just happened to come across you avatar as I was downloading my first ever Spoken Sunday. Loved that. I didn't explain my own flash, just started reading it.
    • icypop I guess I've got a bit of a problem since my natural dialect IS to speak fast. Geordies are kind of known for it. Shall do my best to slow down next time though.
    • jen_b I enjoyed that a lot. Yes, you read it a bit fast, but I got it anyway. Lovely flash.
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    • libbywalkup Great piece. Great sort of twist at the end. Maybe it's because I, regardless that I haven't had any children yet, but a Women's Studies minor at university, completely understand where the story is coming from, I don't feel the explanation at the end was at all necessary. It was well clear in the story. Enjoyed it. Thanks.
    • AnnieEvett oh gosh.. thanks Icy!! *blush* its a first draft and I prob should go and dust it of a bit more. and yes other commenters.. your body knows what to do.. you just need to trust it... PJ - I'd love to think that conversations over a birthing woman was rare.. perhaps they are in your part of the world - but here in Aust, we are fighting for the right to birth at home....yeah - don't get me started...
    • jen_b *crosses her legs* The reveal halfway through the story is pretty great, and I appreciated the layers of meaning in the doctor's conversation. It really is annoying until the reveal. Beyond that, your description is is very good and I could almost see the scene. Excellent, Annie.
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    • ganymeder That was brilliant! I love the time travel aspect mixed with the historical fiction.
    • thewordwarrior Thank you for following me...ASJ
    • AnnieEvett This is a taster into the Choose Your Online Adventures of Series One...its a first draft and I hope you like it! It can be read over here - or check out CYOA here -
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    • AnnieEvett First Draft for this weeks #fictionfriday you can read it over at
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    • Dracotorre Great idea. I like reading my stories aloud to find the problems. I've been told several times that some like listening to poems and short stories. I agree, why not share? I'll try sharing a few.
    • panderson1979 I was going to say you're the only Marxist horror writer I know! Hope #SpokenSunday takes off, sounds like a good idea, now just need to have something worth adding to it!
    • benjaminsolah Thanks Greg. We need all the promo we can get at the moment.
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    • ganymeder123 What a horrifying story. Kids have died being stuck in freezers! *shiver* And the poor crab! I've always thought boiling live animals was cruel. I can't understand how people could possibly rationalize it.
    • jen_b Thank you! It's not autobiographical. :)
    • rebeccainspain Magical, yet terrifying. Now THIS sounded autobiographical.
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    • jen_b You read their voices wonderfully! This is a very magical piece. I'm glad it had a happy ending.
    • marisabirns Don't know why you were worried. Your voice is lovely! Enjoyed hearing your story very much. :)
    • Dracotorre Good delivery, well paced. The story is as enjoyable to listen to as it was to read.
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    • rebeccainspain Played this to my husband as he lay relaxing after work, we both loved it, husband -"it plays nicely with the danger of memory overpowering perception."
    • mspamila Aw, and I was really rooting for him. Wonderful build up, Very nicely read, too.
    • libbywalkup How wonderfully devastating and lovely. Thanks for the kind words on mine.
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    • ganymeder I really enjoy the way you read. Nicely done.
    • Dracotorre Read along (or continue) at
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    • libbywalkup Thank you, to you both. Much appreciated. i fear i'm much more delicate and emotional than i would ever let on. :)
    • mjadams This has a wonderful emotional echo.
    • Dracotorre A nice delicate touch. Lovely.
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    • ganymeder123 That was awesome!
    • jen_b Despite myself, I agree--Newfangled technology kind of wrecks the atmosphere of good horror, and if I'm going to go out out because of one of these... things... I'd rather it were memorable!
    • Dracotorre Nothing like a summons from the good old days. Fun story.
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    • jen_b Ahh, I missed this one last week. I laughed out loud at the water that went through all their kidneys! I hadn't heard of a villanelle but it's brilliant for a "Cremation of Sam McGee" style small epic. I like this a lot. :)
    • pjkaiser That rocked, Kate! Too bad it was too late for the collector. Next week for sure! :-)
    • teemcp Sci-fi poetry.....that's impressive, what with the rhythm and meter and all. Appreciate the literary schooling up front, as well.
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    • AnnieEvett a few stumbles while reading it... but ahh well.. its a first draft - If you'd like to read this - pop on over to
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    • ganymeder123 I really liked this the first time I read it, and your reading adds to the experience. Great story and reading!
    • TonyNoland Thanks, guys, especially for your comment about the natural-sounding nature of the reading. This one was actually edited rather heavily in post-production, so I think I can feel a bit better about my editing skills, too!
    • jen_b Reading just seems to come absolutely naturally to you, Tony. I enjoyed listening to this over breakfast. And well done, RJ! "Years ago he'd marvel at going straight to talk..." *laughs*
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