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    • ColtSeavers @1indie cheers - i'll be fine, ups and downs :D i'll post the sound snippet soon : didn't finish editting etc yet. @Phil i'll add you bud - i'm @coltseaversps on there. Not logged in for a while though but mean to get back soon!
    • Philwtv ahem.... i thank you i thank you.... next time @ me! :-) btw, we should follow each other on twitter shouldnt we mate? im always tweeting away on there.. im @philwtv same as i am on here... i did do a search on coltseavers but i dont think it was the same chap!
    • 1indienation i hope you are going to be alright .. *hugs* How did the sound snippet come out?
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    • Documentally I listened to all 10 mins man. I know this is more your diary than it is recordings for others to listen too but Listening to how you feel now compared to the London you is amazing and inspiring. This is a great way to start the day. Not just for you, for anyone listening to this who feels they know a little about you and your journey. Bookmark this boo to remind yourself whenever you need to. You are in a great place.. and not just physically. :) Thank you for sharing
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    • delboydare I'm glad to see you're back on AudioBoo. Thanks for sharing the up & downs. Keep in there and good luck with the move 'op norf'. All my best thoughts to you & yours.
    • ajsbigboo Wow!-I thought I was the only one out there suffering from both, Depression and Depression due to IBS-I've been diagnosed with "Major Depression", "Personality Disorder", "ADHD for adults", Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" A...N...D... I suffer from IBS-And because of all the medication I'm on, I've gained weight and hate myself for that-I have all kinds of phobias and sometimes wish I just wouldn't wake up one morning. Then I finally found an outlet and that's my poetry and my photoart-it hasn't cured me unfortunately but at least I can cope a little better each day. Finding this AudioBoo has also given me a way to share my poetry and how a person that suffers with a mental illness copes with life every day-in in each and every poem I write. Please be well and enjoy life while we still can. *Smiles* AJ
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    • johnpc Keep Booing, I listen to your Boo's on a regular basis and you seem (and I am sure you are) a nice, intelligent person. I'm not smart enough to offer you words of wisdom or advice, but hopefully a little bit of encouragement from this short message. John
    • ColtSeavers That said, it's of no consequence - they don't represent social media to me - you lot do, tweeps and booers - and i'm totally aware my perception and faculties aren't what they have been - wouldn't usually have let it get to me. I guess I expected more. In the 6 years i've run online communities for gamers, i'd have been horrified to find an admin of mine dealing someone with such carefully worded discourse. Whichever way you read it, it's laced with insinuation of an agenda. I object strongly to that. Anyway - hope your well matey - and nice to hear from you.
    • ColtSeavers Cheers Phil. Thankfully much better anyway. I wish it were as simple as that but it's not the case. These were people i'd been in DM contact with for weeks.....
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    • tinnion +1 listener glad to hear from your next boo that your mood's picked up. keep on fighting it, fella :)
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    • markrock Hang in there brother. You know you've climbed out of this before and you can do it again. It's just going to be a long haul.. Call or DM me if there's anything at all we can do. m
    • NessaLouise Hello, You don't know me, but I heard your Boo, and I want you to know that if you want someone impartial to talk to who doesn't know you, judge you, or have any preconceptions about you, you can talk to me. Even if you just want to hear a friendly voice. I am here. I have skype, nesloueve, where we can IM or talk. I don't expect you to want to, but the offer is there any always open. All the best, Nessa
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    • ColtSeavers Cheers for the post Phil - much appreciated. Aye, I'm really sold on the idea. Also looking at Aquaponic micro farming - Carp and 'Greens'. If I can get the main company that is promoting it as a sustainable food production to supply alot of the equipment on favorable terms, it's something I'm intrigued by. My Dad breeds Koi Carp, and my Uncle is a farmer, so I'd have help.... Not thinking too hard about it all at the mo - will wait for full brain function to return :P
    • Philwtv well from the outside in, it sounds to me like you've got a cracking idea there to move forward with! Filming down in devon once i B&B'd in an out building that was connected to a larger house and it was one of the best places ive stayed in! that personal contact, but having your own area was really nice, so yeah, look into that out house/annex idea because as you mention, if you CAN do it up, and have the skill set to do it, that would be a great second income for the house! The place i stayed in down in devon, when i went to re-book the following year was totally booked up for the whole of the summer! and they didnt need to open it up apart from that! Website based company's like mine can be run from anywhere, certainly not a city, so perhaps you could persue the other idea in the evening when your not working on the annex and running that? would give you that time to learn your extra skills and gain knowledge and ideas. Take the one off payment, sell your house in london and start to look for your new life home in the countryside! I know you have already made this decision already by the sounds of it, im just giving you my thumbs up!! :-)