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    • omaniblog Skattyadz - You are right - I hoped the tags would make it easier for people to search for those people on line - so that we could quickly find content about them. Once I decided to tag one person I knew I'd want to tag every single person who was involved in the presentation of Content is King 2010. I guess it took me about 5 mins of concentration to do. Was it worth it?
    • omaniblog Documentally - thank you so much. I treasure your feedback because you are such a skilled practitioner of citizen journalism (is that's not too cliched a term to refer to your skill). I hope they treated you well in Dublin at Content is King 2010. I hope you audioblog what it was like & I hope you influenced a few to take up the AudioBoo practice.
    • skattyadz Thats an amazing number of tags.
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