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    • TaraBusch Remix idea is excellent! I love the interactive/ collaborative stuff !!
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    • pettins You are VERY welcome Mark :-) It was fun to do and a great thing to be able to do too...just think, this would not have been feasible a year ago :-)
    • ColtSeavers :D commented on abooth :) Really superb - hugely appreciated - brought a huge wave of happiness over me which remains! Thanks man, one of the nicest things anyones done for me on t'internet :D
    • pettins boo:28804
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    Introducing the AudioBooTH, 60 second musical noodles, project.
    • JonFuller Brilliant idea! I'll definitely contribute some musical rambling. Looking forward to it =]
    • ColtSeavers So far as line in recording goes, seems an odd one - you'd have thought an audio signal was an audio signal.....could be the break out box you have? does it accept a line level (should, i presume that's what the preamp is doing to the mic signal when you use it that way?) I imagine it's down to whether the guys expand the app to take a line level - they may well have specifically disabled it for now, to avoid total meltdown while they get everything running smoothly, as it would be a killer feature. I'd imagine they would introduce it. I can think of so many situations where the AudioBoo tool is useful, but an iphone mic impractical - so web upload would solve a hell of alot - meaning you we're limited to recording with the Boo app......and could feed from a mixer or whatever. I want AudioBooTH to COMPLIMENT AudioBoo, not compete or step on toes, so i'm waiting for their Pro release to see if they add this. I'm fairly sure they will though. If not, we will switch it on for AudioBooTH, using the same tech, SoundCloud. It's all working in test - but that's all it was, a test - as i'm learning how stuff works. (footnote: i'm also trying to keep the AudioBooTH project light and easy to maintain - as i'm no pro web type - just an obsessive twiddler with too much time on my hands) Once we launch the AudioBooTH site in beta, we will have addressed this sort of stuff - so keep the comments coming, they're going to shape the final site hugely. sos for Jibber - can't wake up today....
    • muttnik slightly OT but does do you know of a way I can feed to my ipod touch from from ableton live thru to my focusrite soundcard? I have a break out cable but audioboo app doesn't want to play nice with it ..."please connect a microphone" it says ...stumped!!!
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