• melhope1979
  • nadiayoussef
    radio documentaries, animals, bargains, bikes, GSOH
  • EmilyRoseTricker
    A creative radio student from the University of Westminster. A lover of music (mainly 60s/70s era). Obtains a weird adoration for arts & crafts/everything home-made.
  • lcarswell1
    Good fortune comes to those who cook me delicious food. It is known
  • RosaCardoso
    Nasci, cresci, virei radialista, me finjo poeta. ...a flor pensil no jardim suspenso...(Lanóia)
  • JohnDennyPoet
    Poet Englandcollapsed 2011, & The Heartlands 2012
  • PastorOscarPerez
    Ministro con Una Trayectoria de 20 Años
  • Morning_Star
    The Morning Star is the world's only English language socialist daily newspaper. Unlike corporate media outlets the Morning Star is run by cooperative, the People's Printing Press, and as such is owned by its readers.
  • helbestenkurmanci
    Kurdish man from Iran
  • Eidoel
    Hi, i'm a writer of novels, short stories, drama and poetry. I also enjoy training, rowing, martial arts, music and books. I collect swords and have a passion for anthropology, archaeology and very ancient history.
  • BrotherWilber
    I am in to technology,independence,vlogging,blogging,linux,opensource/free software,making money online vs. 9to5.
  • TanjaD
    Currently on dignity break
  • TEC92
    Freelance Language Trainer and Coach. Licensed Buzan Trainer in Mind Mapping, iMind Map and G.R.A.S.P. - Certified NLP Trainer and owner of La Maison du Coco.