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    A newly discovered album made by Johnny Cash 30 years ago is to be released in February. The BBC’s arts correspondent Rebecca Jones...
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    So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure, and that every gesture, every caress, every touch,...
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    • lisaocarroll "Say I had seen these allegations, had no idea if they were true, had put in my resignation and said fine, leave the company, I'm sick of this crisis "Someone has made an allegation against me, I've no idea if it's true and nobody knows if it's true, but because it's me, because it';s the usual guardian/bbc witchhunt. Do you think then who would have carried the can for the dead ?, the 7/7 victims, Sarah Payne,and all the other alleged claims that came out the following week? Would that have all gone? Because I'm not a cabinet minister in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not an elected, a civil servant./ I'm a working journalist...who worked here since I was 19 years old and particularly on this paper. "And to your point right [the point of the News of the World staffer who asked should she resign] so you're trying to say to me that because an allegation came in that we don't know is true n Monday [the day the Guardian broke the Milly Dowler story] you should think I should resigned because we'd never have to have closed the news of the world. It's just not true..there are lots of people who worked before 2006 in this company who worked for NOTW for the large majority of their lives who are also totally innocent and vindicated of these allegations that we still don't know are true. "We have police in the building, we are voluntarily disclosing stuff from way back then./ "We have more visibility perhaps on what we can see coming our way than you guys can. I'm tied because of the criminal investigation what I can say, but I think in a year's time every single one of you in this room, might come up and say, 'ok, I see what you say now and I see what it was'" .......'one of the problems now is how we dealt with it at the time. ... What happened was in 2006 that everybody drew the line in the sand in the wrong place. News Int drew the line in the wrong place. the industry, drew the line in the wrong place. the police drew the line in the sand in the wrong place. The police said there was nothing else to see. Having repeatedly said until January this year, that there was nothing to see...that is definitely part of our problem which is this feeling that the part of the pushing for disclosure is this feeling of a cover up that 's what our rivals think.