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    • YesGrace Hello Asif, Take it easy. After you teach me how to pronounce your name correctly, I'll try to send my voice reply. :D As for phrasal verb, using it in our talk sounds practical. It would help our speaking be more native and natural, only I have no specific idea on how to apply it in our group. Could you show me the ropes? Don't let us wait too long for your post, ohh...except you, usually only me in the group, haha..
    • asifalizindani Hi Grace, This is not "tit for tat", I expect more than you write. I expected your reply in your own voice. Grace, Nowaday I'm working hard to post something on short talk. I've many ideas but all are in initial stage, but don't you worry, within a few days,I'll get somewhere. BTW,What is your opinion about Phrasal verb? If we ask from member use phrasal verb in their own voice. Looking forward to your early reply. Asif.
    • YesGrace Hello, Asif !! Good job! This is not a "sleepyboo" at all. It's kind of you to give me a reminder through this lovely way. It sounds a good idea of posting Wordless Wed. in short talk. Would you like to be the first one to post on it? :D Believe it or not, I did want to post a discussion, that was so-called "test" that day, unfortunately, the video I'd like to share couldn't work. That's why I deleted the post. :( Okay, I'll try to re-post it without that video.