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    For the benefit of anybody discovering this AudioBoo via another source, Farewell Sweet Molly Brown (a prose poem about the Somme...
    • OscarWindsor Thank you @MyraMG for listening to my reading, and for your generous praise *blushes*. I'm so pleased you enjoyed Ode to a Sock Puppeteer, on EDP today, too. That was only a bit of fun as you clearly appreciate (certain others appear less impressed ;) ). Thanks again. O
    • MyraMG Closed my dampening eyes, was transported - sublime, Oscar in name and honour - and your poem today in EDP was a real hoot!
    • OscarWindsor Thank you so much @MariaJakub for taking the trouble to listen and to respond. I appreciate your interest and your kind comments. And a long-belated thank you to @seasidelandlady
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