Audio News

audioBoom's simple systems for recording and sharing help podcasters on every topic get their voice out to the world more easily

Keep up to date with the latest developments by following both national and local news outlets on audioBoom. Hear from reporters in the field and interviews by those at the heart of the story. All audio news can be heard by anyone via our website, app or when embedded on a website.

If you’re a reporter, having audioBoom on your mobile device is a great opportunity to capture audio and share news on the go. Simply install the free app and you’re ready to record high quality audio news anywhere the story takes you. Once you’re done, get ready to share your content with the world by uploading it to your audioBoom feed and other social media channels.

Subscribing to audioBoom gives you the chance to keep up to date with your favourite journalists and celebrities. Simply follow their feed to get updates every time a clip is posted. See where they’re reporting from and get involved in the conversation by commenting or leaving an audio reply. You can then share this with other audioBoom users or friends on other social networks.