audioBoom Pro

audioBoom Pro is a new set of server side features designed to let professional audio producers manage their audio.

What is audioBoom Pro?

It's a big company solution at present and not related to the consumer 'Plus' accounts that we recently launched. audioBoom Pro helps companies host their existing audio offering in the cloud with a number of unique additions. These include:

Private posts & moderation

Set your audio to be initially private on upload so that you or a colleague can review, select, moderate , sort or delay before (or instead of) going public or live. Great for audience participation, feedback or news reporting.

Multi-contributors to a single account

If you're a radio station, newspaper or large company, you can add named 'reporters' to a single account. That way the audio post is pre personalised as "John Smith from account name".

Web upload & record widget with optional tagging

If you want people to be able to both record and upload audio to your account via pages on your own website, then this widget makes it simple. A single line of javascript gives you 'browser upload' in a pop up window on your site. You can choose if the audio goes for moderation or not and can even pre-tag it to make sure it's easy to find. Our recording widget does all the hard work for you and works on both PC's & Mac's. We can also provide additional advice and support on using audioBoom in the context of wider website / minisite applications.

Extended recording time

Pro accounts come with a number of associated plus accounts with extended recording time. We can arrange specific properties for individual branded channels upon request.

Ultimate quality

We take original recordings (AIFF from PC/MAC browser recordings, FLAC (from iPhone & Android) and encode to mp3 for general playback. Pro users are able to simply download these files in order to edit them for broadcast. Original FLAC files for archiving purposes are available on request.

To find out more about Pro, contact us at