Record Audio

audioBoom lets you easily record, upload and share audio through iPhone and Android apps or through our website

Recording yourself and others has never been easier thanks to the latest smartphone technology. You can record audio from your mobile device wherever you are and upload it instantaneously to your audioBoom profile via the free app. Even if you’d prefer to record sounds through a microphone on your desktop, there’s no need to download any additional software or own any specialist equipment.

Anyone using the audioBoom app can record audio anytime they want when out and about and share interesting podcasting audio clips with their friends and followers. Record your thoughts on the latest blockbuster on your way out of the cinema, comment on what you’ve just read in the paper or sing happy birthday to your friend. It’s not only the spoken word that can be recorded, record sound of any kind. See if your followers can guess where you are, perhaps when at the airport, about to jet off, or with mutual friends at the game.