Elvis Duran wants to know what you think: 8th Grader Hannah Defends Classmate

Elvis Duran talks with 8th grader Hannah and her mom, Trish. Hannah stood up for a classmate who ate her lunch in the bathroom every day because she was bullied so badly.

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Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

Contributed by elvisduran
about 3 years ago, Lower Manhattan, Manhattan, New York, United States

as a young broadcaster,I'm too willing to learn from everybody.
merustum about 3 years ago
We should find out how many children are looking out for each other. Hannah is a wonderful girl
Delores about 3 years ago
Hannah is an amazing girl. Not many kids would have done what she did. I was always defending the kids who were getting bullied myself, i was bullied as well by some because of my blindness. Go Hannah! You're a superstar!
AngelHeartLily about 3 years ago