Remembering Kidd's Singing

Here are some great songs Kidd added a comedic twist to! (07-29-13)

over 2 years ago

Kidd always lives a smile on my face Kidd you will be missed so much
babyshields21 over 2 years ago
The things he would do to make people laugh. RIP, you did an awsome job in life.
MissKitty_12 over 2 years ago
Laughing through the tears!! Thanks for the laughs, Kidd. U will be greatly missed!! ♥
JustaGIAC over 2 years ago
This was the last part of the show I heard live this morning. I was on my way in to take a test and it was great to have a break in the tension. Thanks guys!
StuyvesantM over 2 years ago