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over 4 years ago, Saint Neots, St Neots, England

No problem Mark :) it did feel a bit wrong listening to some of your very personal moments, but now we are "on the other side" its amazing to know that you have beaten it!
Philwtv over 4 years ago
Can't believe I missed this when it went out!

Cheers Phil - means alot mate. You've always been around for me throughout this whole journey - it's the support I've received from you and others thats kept my chin up and helped me stay in touch with reality and optimism!

I'm getting to the point now where I'll enjoy listening back to my diary - and hopefully further my understanding of the whole period, it's nice now to think that will be accompanied by my interest rather than my upset ; it's a great feeling. I firmly believe using audioBoo to document, make sense and just jibber about my mental health problems did me more good than any amount of Cognitive Behavioural therapy or drugs.
MarkSpoff over 4 years ago