Ask Joe Elliott & Rick Savage from Def Leppard!

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Thanks for all your questions. We're not taking anymore but will post up some of their replies soon....
over 1 year ago

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Velliaz 16 days ago
Gongorin over 1 year ago
Hi Joe & Sav! This is Carolyn from Los Angeles. My question is about your song-writing process; specifically, how do you decide when a song is ‘done’? Because the creative process allows for endless tinkering, when do you decide you have a finished product on your hands? Thanks.
CarolynD over 1 year ago
Hey Joe/Sav. My name is AL. I am from Winnipeg Manitoba. I grew up with DL. My question to Joe is. How do you like your voice now as compared when you first started out. Do you feel that Rock Vocalist are trapped with singing high by producers instead of variation like you had on Hysteria and other DL albums afterwards.
Mcsterio over 1 year ago
Hi Joe and Sav!!!!!!! This is Ebony from San Francisco,
California. A year ago, I finally had the opportunity to see you live for the first time in Concord. I enjoyed your show! I had a blast. And yes, I still have my copy of your coffee table book, which I got for my birthday. My question is songs like "Breathe A Sigh" and "Long, Long Way To Go" had such strong Motown/Classic Soul/ R&B influences. Who inspired you vocally? I'm such a huge music fan. I love to sing. Thanks a bunch! I love you!
ArtsyQueen81 over 1 year ago