Talking Bletchley Park With@StephenFry #bpark

over 6 years ago, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Another fantastic piece of audio. Its also on my list of to-do's as am fascinated by the technology that was developed on the back of the pioneering war effort at Bletchley by the likes of Alan Turing.

Its so clever how they broke codes. I remember reading that once they had an inkling, they purposefully leaked specific intelligence to see how it would be encoded to help confirm or alter their plan of attack... Sheer genius!

Its also rumoured that the UK knew of an impending attack on Pearl Harbour but did not pass the details on, preferring the USA to be drawn into the conflict, I guess there are some mysteries we shall never truly decipher...
pthurst over 6 years ago
He was as friendly as you would expect/hope. A proper gent. :)
Documentally over 6 years ago
Good interview. Ooh I love that Stephen Fry......positively green with envy that you got to speak with him......
Cross.Pwllcornel over 6 years ago