Blondylocks and The Three Boys

about 5 years ago

Heey Melissa Your Awesome happy 18th for yesturday xx
SoapsFanGirl almost 5 years ago
Its nice to see something genuine from celebrities rather than spoon-fed Simon Cowell crap. Keep it up.

Are your knees really from Japan?!
skattyadz about 5 years ago
I love it Mel! I can relate up until number three still waiting for him to come along! And don't put yourself down your voice is amazing! Xx
JustJessica_Ox about 5 years ago
Just for your information guys, this song is kind of a look at my own love life in the past, through my matured and present eyes. The first major boyfriend, crazy and cruel, the second being too nice and needy and the third and current, a suitable mix of the two and being just right. It's also a play on goldilocks and the three bears, how the third choice was the best of the three and seemed to serve her well. Enjoy (I hope). Mel x
PS. By the way I shut my left little finger in a door this morning while getting in a cab so do excuse the guitar playing. As for the singing, I'm just plain crap, no excuses there.x
IAmMelTeaser about 5 years ago