The Irish Times 2011: Culture Podcast

over 4 years ago

Well done - very interesting. Keep 'em coming.
jonathangrimes over 4 years ago
Peter, I'm sure you will. I can see you now, the revolutionary, planting the barricades.
If you can get the details I'd like to hear about it on the sodshow (do you think you could get the playwright and novelist Margaretta D’Arcy on Skype for an interview?)
WillKnott over 4 years ago
....personally think they shoul;d have spent more time talking about gardens.... ;)
Donegan over 4 years ago
Hi Rosita, what I was getting at in the last part of my post was that not all motions were as long at the gardening one as in the podcast you said someting about it going on for 20 minutes and I took it as if you were having a dig at it, perhaps I took you up wrong. For what it's worth I see the Twitter name "Aosdana", has been taken so maybe next year we can expect a full house for the open session. And re your tweet; alas, you were not youngest of the 120+ of us there on Monday.

Congrats to all involved on the podcast. It's a great idea.
buachaill-dana over 4 years ago
Any plans for making the Weekend section's "A History of Ireland in 100 objects" a podcast series? If not, can we make our own?
WillKnott over 4 years ago
Hi Buachaill-Dana (love the name)

The afternoon session of the Aosdana General Assembly has always been open to the public. They are after all, publicly funded. You make a good point about Aosdana not using social media. I don't know why that is. They do have a website You could contact them and ask that they post a notice next time about the date of the general assembly.

There were several motions proposed at the meeting. I only mentioned two of them in my report in the paper. Forgive me, but I'm not quite sure what the last part of your sentence refers to.
Rosita over 4 years ago