Martlesham Heath Whitethroat

over 4 years ago, Martlesham, Suffolk, England

Hi Mark, yep, yours sounds the same, though cwith better definition and tone colour than my LS10 ;) Glad to get the ID on that sound, it's puzzled me elsewhere!
ermine over 4 years ago
Hi Ermine. Have just posted a Whitethroat doing the same thing on my blog. Seems they start with the churring and then go into proper song. Can't think of other species that I've heard doing this.
marksbirdsong over 4 years ago
Many thanks as ever, your recording's now on the UK Soundmap.
soundmap over 4 years ago
I think this is the alarm call of a whitethroat, followed by the regular song ot a whitethroat. The bird was sighted but without visual aids. A chiffchaff also barges in on this heathland recording, the picture is what it looked like though there's been a heath fire since the picture and the recording
ermine over 4 years ago