Informed Radar Discussion

over 6 years ago, Marin, CA, USA

No boos in a month? What the hey!
mossman93 about 6 years ago
Circus Clown - MIdnight Brown. In stores now.
FLStyle over 6 years ago
Appreciate your sublime "informed" discussion and just listened to Britney - after the boo-talk - and will never listen to it again. It smells like it sounds. I just was horseFU$&%d in my ears. *turn my head "Where are my Maurice White CD's, hun...?"
buckybit over 6 years ago
Disagree with you fellas. I like it when a singer's voice sounds like it came from a Sega-CD game
SlamVanderhuge over 6 years ago
Dudes, I was worried that you guys stopped making these. They're great.

I get the tingle, I want to mingle. This woman gets less and less subtler with her language as time moves.
Jacki over 6 years ago