Growing up as a child, with a parent as an alcoholic

over 4 years ago

Thank you both so much, it does really mean a lot xx
EmmaL over 4 years ago
No you are brave not me, you lived through it and by the sounds of you have grown up to be a lovely person.
Forget the past, it is a tiny part of your whole life, your childhood lasts for such a short time, you have the rest of your life to make some amazing memories to look back on. xxxxxxxxxx
Delores over 4 years ago
You are so brave.x
__YellowOrigami over 4 years ago
I feel for you. I used to drink not as much as your mum but still I drank, 8 years I stopped and went teetotal, it was one of the best descisons I ever made. I have the occassional drop but even the thought of drinking spirits make me feel ill.
I see my friends who still drink and I thank God that I stopped.
Delores over 4 years ago