Some Thoughts About Censorship As We Fly Home

over 6 years ago, Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Leo, why did you stop using Boo?
craigshipp over 5 years ago
Very interesting...I'm disappointed that Leo hasn' tbooed for 20 days....c'mon Leo!!!!
cruizer over 6 years ago
Ok now for the real information....look a 7 eleven!
DonFritzJr over 6 years ago
Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe I'll get to go sometime. I hope you took a lot of pictures.
Nelvis over 6 years ago
Thank you Leo for all your interesting Boos :-) They were like audio-pictures. :)
masamedia over 6 years ago
As someone who has lived in China for 5 years now, I think many Chinese just get used to the censorship. And as I understand, many countries has some form of censorship, even US. Man are very adoptable to the "environment".
But if you want to get around, you get around. I use VPN for email and when I want to access certain blogs. Not a big problem, just some minor hassle.
But then again, I don't think twitter and friendfeed is big in China.
(Twitter was blocked in connection with June 4, but came up again towards the end of June. So this is just temporary.....)
desheng over 6 years ago