I have a perfect idea of learn Language for Lang-8's everyone.

Hello everyone.

I from the biggest rogue state of the world,it’s North Korea’s neighborhood.

And first I need to thank [agreva3],because he came up an idea that is you make an audio then send it to your partner in Skype or Msn,after your partner login, he or she will receive your audio, your partner can correct your spoken mistakes and he or she make a new and correct audio send to you.

The advantages of the idea are we can without time limit,and not make us nervous.

Im very agree with agreva3’s idea,but Make audios and send that in Skype or MSN is very inconvenient, and I have a great way to do this thing.

It is come here, the Audioboo.

And I think we can practice writing at Lang-8 and practice spoken and lestening at Audioboo.

That is an exciting and great idea, right?!

I would love to exchange language to you very much! And I want practice my English and Japanese with you.

Come Audioo everyone,please! This is really interesting!

Finally I want to thank [agreva3]'s idea again!

That’s all,thanks everyone.


about 4 years ago

Thanks for your advice Ryo!
chookoo about 4 years ago
你好! 因为我不是native English speaker, 所以我的comment不知道是不是。 我觉得你的V的发音比较小。 如果你有欧洲出生的朋友的话,就问一下,好吗?
HiRyo about 4 years ago
www.lang-8.com The Lang-8 really is a good place to exchange language.
chookoo about 4 years ago