Hack Rap

You can now download this in iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/alan-odonohoes-boos/id482494084#

I have written and performed this to try to persuade children of the merits of choosing to study GCSE Computing at school. I decided to try something different from handouts, lectures and posters. I wanted something that would really grab their attention.

Lyrics available here http://teachcomputing.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/hacktothefuture-rap/

I've tried to polish up my hack rap a little. I was told my voice was too posh, so I have tried to sound a little more aggressive. Now - next step is to produce a video to accompany it. ##edutalk #teknoteacher

almost 4 years ago

nicely done !
AnthonyY.Sutton 27 days ago
Quite good ::)
LorettaFinley 3 months ago
Nice. Quite funny
Cocruch over 1 year ago
amazing rap. Love it so much.
DanielWalker almost 2 years ago