...walking 1.7 miles south in amerika...

haven't done a walk like this in a while, but since i forgot my headtelephonejack to listen to some quality podcasts - i decided to bring you in to my world! #amham #amhamboo #amhamshow #audioboo

over 3 years ago

got it figured out , you can make them as long as you want . it scrolled to where i left off...keep em rolling Amham show!!!!
Kevin444socal over 3 years ago
Anything you want Kevin!
Why don't you tell me what you want to hear and exactly how long things should be, as you are my only listener/viewer!
. . . (maybe one day you'll figure out how to use yer phone and realize that you are no longer a slave to yer DeskTop) . . .
AmHamShow over 3 years ago
so i tried to listen to the whole show, however don't have the time now got into about 15 minutes of it... maybe later... (we've talked about this) Anyway hopefully don't have to start from the beginning.
Kevin444socal over 3 years ago