over 6 years ago

There's an immediacy about audio that a tweet doesn't capture--after all, these letters that I've just strung together could be put there by anyone, but one's voice is truly one's own.
Doubledaypub over 6 years ago
miadear :)
when you open your eyes You'll find 761 (at the moment) Stephen's followers sitting in your living room with eyes closed ;)
FoxtrotRU over 6 years ago
Stephen, would it be wrong of me to close my eyes and pretend you are sitting in my living room, speaking only to me??
miadear over 6 years ago
I agree with the consensus: it depends on who's talking, what they're saying and how lovely their voice is. Most should keep it short. In your case, you may carry on as long as you wish. By the way, the baby booby threw me off, but fortunately I did recognize the voice.
marnweeks over 6 years ago
We can always hit the stop button! But this would never happen when listening to Mr Fry!
katylennox over 6 years ago
Welcome Mr Fry. Great to hear you.

I was wondering when you would grace us with your velvet tones after your interview with Mark Rock on 'Boo'.

As to your point in the length of an Audio Boo messages, I agree and I'm very keen to see how I can use this service effectively without boring people stupid. Self restraint may be called for.

Keep up the good work.
delboydare over 6 years ago