Good Things Come in Threes: Part 1 of a Round Robin. Tagging @praxilla

about 4 years ago


RealNolaErus - almost 4 years ago

Thanks for your comments, both of you:). @eroticjtn I appreciate so your perception of the sensual with the risqué streak. This is perhaps a bit like me, though as far as vulgarity goes, I'm only ever the devil with my language for my lover.

And @praxilla, your opinion means a great deal to me bc we've been together here a long time, because I know your talent as a writer is profound, because I love to imagine your candy jewel bouncing.


eroticjtn - about 4 years ago

Its something truly fantastic. So fucking sensual, yet with the smallest sprinkling of vulgarity.


Praxilla - about 4 years ago

You're writing is so beautiful and flowing. When it gets to the point where you get dirty and say, "cock" at about 6:24 it's such a delicious shocker, that it makes my clit bounce. Wonderful.