Calling the Shots, with Keith Irizarry” is a fast-paced, entertaining sports talk show that will give fans an in-depth look at the top trending sports stories. Keith will take you through the evening slate, while monitoring the lines, potential prop bets, and your nightly bad beats. As always, he will give his unique perspectives to give you an edge.

Keith has been a national TV and radio personality for more than a decade, and now he brings his fire and passion to the FNTSY Sports Network. As a self-proclaimed "fantasy nerd," he will give you fantasy sports advice and crunch the numbers that will help you win your leagues. Keith also loves to interact with callers and social media followers (follow him @keithirizarry). So, while he brings the heat, he expects you to bring it right back at him!

As heard live on the FNTSY Sports Radio Network from 8pm – 11pm EST. (

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