Surrey Residents Network

The Surrey Residents Network is a hyperlocal media channel "From the residents perspective" that empowers residents of Surrey to have a strong voice in their communities.

BBC Surrey Segments
  1. BBC Radio Surrey - Fly Tipping in Surrey Heath
  2. BBC Radio Surrey - Boris Johnson argues for Brexit
  3. BBC Radio Surrey - The Mall Camberley Environmental Video
  4. BBC Radio Surrey - Domestic Abuse in Surrey
Surrey Politics
  1. BBC Surrey - CRC Consultation
  2. Heatherside and Parkside County Council Election Hustings 2017
  3. SCC Leaders Statement - Full Council - 21st March 2017
  4. BBC Surrey - Bagshot Cllr vs SCC Cabinet Member for Highways on Potholes
  1. Giving A Voice To Charities and Community Groups In Surrey
  2. Ray Edwards Limbcare
  3. Parity For Disability.
  4. Windlesham Drama Group
Home Workers Network
  1. Episode 2 - Challenges working from home
  2. Home Workers Network Episode 1 - Lessons learnt from home working
  3. Introducing the Home Workers Network
  1. How podcasting has made a difference in my community
  2. Town Hall Blab analysis
  1. Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger Radio November 2015
  2. Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger Radio October 2015
  3. Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger Radio September 2015
  4. Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger Radio August 2015
  1. Surrey Heath Constituency Election Results 2015
  2. #SurreyHeath2015 - Kimberley Lawson
  3. #SurreyHeath2015 - Bob and Roberta Smith
  4. David Cameron Speaks To LBC - In Full
ATB Accountancy Support
  1. ATBS Accountants - @DennisATBS
  2. ATBS Accountants - Tax Planning
  3. ATBS Accountants - Start Ups
#LoveCamberley Independent Business Series
  1. The Massage Company comes to Camberley
  2. Duke of York Pub Opens on the High Street
  3. Duke of York Pub Launch
  4. Collectively Camberley Independent Business Series - Little Local Deli
Independent Businesses
  1. Town Hall Blab analysis
  2. Duke of York Pub Launch
  3. Coeliac Awareness Week @OystersChippy
  4. Oysters Chippy on BBC Surrey