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Acquired Taste

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Acquired Taste | A Hindi Stand Up Comedy Audio Album


So, this is a compilation of jokes which I had performed in various open mics in last two years. Generally we audio record all the sets before going on stage, hence all the audios are phone recorded, that is why some of the clip might sound muffled. Apologies for that.

How well the bit is going to be received depends on various factors, Sometimes we get lucky to perform in front of fully enthusiastic crowd, where the room is blasting with energy. Sometimes we get 2 people as an audience, where we try to make them laugh with the same structure which was performed in the houseful room. So, this Album consist of various nights of killing and bombing.

I believe good content travels no matter what. So, If these jokes sucks it is never going to reach you. Starting 2019 with a blank page by dropping 17 jokes which I have written till now. Now, I am going back to write some new jokes till then listen to these tracks and let me know which one of these jokes made you laugh.

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