Airing Pain

Airing Pain

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Airing Pain is the online radio programme and podcast from Pain Concern.

Each month we bring together people with chronic pain and top specialists to talk about resources that can help.

You can listen to Airing Pain every Tuesday and Sunday at 8pm via Able Radio, with all episodes available on demand here and on our website.

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Pain Concern is a charity registered in Scotland SC023559

Staying Active
  1. 90. Back Pain
  2. 58. The Pain Toolkit
  3. 24. Exercise and Managing Pain
  4. 7. Exercise and Improving Mobility
Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  1. 25. A Heads Up On Migraines
  2. 6. Pacing and Arthritis
  3. 83. Arthritis: from self-help to cutting edge research
  4. 53. Headaches, Chilli Pepper Patches, and the Placebo Effect
Pain and the Elderly
  1. 89. Dementia
  2. 18. Growing Older with Pain
  3. 83. Arthritis: from self-help to cutting edge research
  4. 62. Independent Living
Women and Pain
  1. 42. Endometriosis and Support Groups
  2. 88. What to EXPPECT When You're in Pelvic Pain
  3. 87. Vulvodynia
  4. 71. Protect our Girls
Young people and pain
  1. 78. Putting Children’s Pain in the Picture
  2. 66. Not A Burden
  3. 60. Young Carers - Part Two
  4. 59. Young Carers - Part One
Best of Airing Pain 2: Know your pain
  1. 37. What is Pain?
  2. 2. Nerve Pain and How to Manage it
  3. 79. Side effects, Placebos and a Brief History of Nerve Pain
  4. 68. The Brain and the Genes
Best of Airing Pain 1: Pain management essentials
  1. 5. Learning to Live with Pain
  2. 6. Pacing and Arthritis
  3. 15. Effective Communication: patients and professionals
  4. 28. Self-management: pacing and communication